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How To Revive Npcs You Killed In Dark Souls 2

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#1 JtaggerSl00my

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Posted 16 March 2014 - 07:29 PM

So yeah, i killed an NPC (once again) i was certain that i can revive it by praying upon his grave and pay souls, the developers said so. Now i don't get any grave or Pray option. So, how? 

#2 GiantThunder

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Posted 16 March 2014 - 07:59 PM

my god !! what have you done? ? y must be out of u mind seriously .. y can get worthy items if y explore places,secret locations much much worthy and helpfull than what you get from them useless :facepalm:


well you just have to  get someone to dress as him and then pretend it's him! :P ....just kidding


After killing merchants/NPCs a tombstone will appear where they were originally located; the player can pray to resurrect a ghost of the NPC, for a price. The ghost NPC seems to sell the same items as the original, but each time the player dies they must pay to resurrect the NPC again.


note; in dark soul2 u can call NPC for unlimited times even if he died or  fell down you call can him again  but if y didnt kill him from the first time ...y could  have saved alot of money for upgrading skills,secret weapons ..etc instead wasting money each time to resurrect him .  ....you do realize that NPC made for helping you throughout same place not just at boss fight, even protecting you in exploring the whole place too...sadly you just choosed the hard way


well then ..good luck




   happy nightmare hunting  :no: !!!

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