Temporary Solution: How to fix ‘Unsupported disc’ error after dae.bin update

A couple of notes before i start:

1. This solution is temporary and is more of a hit and miss thing.
2. Until a permanent solution is developed, you can use this method to fix your XGD3 games which are giving unsupported disc error.
3. This fix is only for those people who’s console got updated to the new dae.bin file and are unable to play XGD3 games offline.
4. I did not create/find this fix and i take no credit for it. This fix was found by a member named ‘dattran’ over at Xpgamesaves ( props to him).
5. PLEASE do not go online after using this fix, this is strictly offline only and is not Live safe.

Ok here it goes.

What you’ll need:

1. A USB flash drive with at least 1GB total space.
2. A program called horizon.
3. Basic comprehension skills. :p

Download Links:



The Guide:

1. Download Horizon from the above link.

2. Get a USB flash drive and plug it in your xbox( has to be at least 1GB). Go to My Xbox -> System Settings -> USB Storage Device -> Choose the option ‘Configure Now’. and format that USB ( this has to be done using your xbox).

3. Plug this USB into your PC.

4. Now what you have to do is simple. You need to download a thing called title update for your specific game. Title update ( like the name says), are updates for individual games and updates and can vary from bug fixes to ap checks. You have to download a title update that was released before 16th of November for any game you want to fix.

5. Go to http://www.xbuc.net to download a title update for your game.

(please see the image below to understand the layout of xbuc’s website)

Temporary Solution: How to fix Unsupported disc error after dae.bin update news and announcements

6. Just as an example i am going to use The Elder Scrol Skyrim’s Title update for this guide. Open xbuc and search for skyrim. After searching for it, you end up with results like these.

Temporary Solution: How to fix Unsupported disc error after dae.bin update news and announcements

Look for an update that was released before 16th of november. I am choosing the one dated 9th November. Click on the download icon next to the title name to download this update.

7. After downloading the title update you have to open Horizon ( the program you downloaded from the above link). You then have to inject / install / place this title update on your USB using horizon. I’ve made this small video on how you can do this.

8. Now that you have saved this update to your disc, you need to start your xbox and clear its cache memory. In your console, go to My Xbox -> System Settings -> Memory

9. Plug the USB in your xbox and try playing that game.

10.If you still get an error then try the following:

(i) Use a different Title Update
(ii) Clear both your USB and Hard Disc cache
(iii) Restart your console and repeat the procedure.

Please remember once again that this is a temporary fix and there is a chance that it will not work on some occasions. A permanent fix is being developed by C4eva, Team Jungle and Team Xecuter. This is NOT xbox live safe and you should keep your console disconnected at ALL times.

11. If you want to play your game without keeping the USB drive inserted, please follow this guide. ( thanks to the member gfields2020 for making the guide)

1. Add the TU updates to your stick using above methods
2. insert into xbox
3, turn on xbox
4. go to memory, you will see your usb stick and your hdd
5. open your usb stick, go to “system items” folder
6. click on each update
7. your options are (Delete), (Move), or (Copy), select move > hdd. Do this for each one. Ironically, for piracy reasons you cannot “copy” an update.
8. Take out usb stick.
9. Done

Update 1:

Here is a list of working title updates for various XGD3 games.


The above file has updates for the following games:

1. 007 Goldeneye
2. Batman Arkham City
3. Elder Scrolls Skyrim
4. Saints Row the Third
5. Sonic Generations
6. Need for Speed : The Run
7. Battlefiled 3
8. Modern Warfare 3
9. Halo Anniversary
10. Lord of the Rings
11. NBA 2k12
12. Rage
13. Assassins Creed Revelation
14. Gears of War 3


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