Heavy Fire Shattered Spear [RF-XGD2]

Heavy Fire Shattered Spear [RF XGD2] xgd 2 game rf region free games

Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear raises the bar again. We are very pleased that Teyon has added so many new ways to play,” said Bill Swartz, President of Mastiff, in an official press release. “Players new to the franchise and long-time fans alike will discover a rich, visual experience. They’ll also discover a game that is easy to control, yet deeply challenging and exciting.


Game Info

SS VERSION: Version 2

WAVE: Wave 16 (XGD2)

RELEASE NAME: Heavy Fire Shattered Spear RF XBOX360-Caravan

REGION: Region Free

LANGUAGES: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian & Japanese

RELEASE DATE(S): January 29th 2013

FAQ/Important Notes. Click to Read

Q: On which firmware can i run this?
Ans: This game has a mandatory 15574 dashboard update built in it. If your console has an older dashboard you are going to be prompted to update it.

Q: So does this mean that LT+ 2.0 wont be able to run this?
Ans: No. You can play this game on LT+ 2.0, but keep in mind that if you update your dashboard, your console’s dae.bin will be updated.

Q: What will this new dae.bin do?
Ans: There are two main affects of this dae.bin update. Firstly, there is a chance that most of your XGD3 games will stop working. Secondly, you will loose the ability to install truncated games (XGD3) to your console’s HDD.

Q: Should i upgrade my dashboard if i have LT+ 3.0?

Ans: Yes, LT+ 3.0 is not affected by this dashboard/update.

Q: Should i run this game through abgx?

Ans: Yes. You should run every XGD3 game through abgx360 so that you can check whether the iso is corrupted or not. Make sure you use the latest version of abgx360.

Q: Why does abgx360 1.0.6 say that verification of this game failed?

Ans: Dont worry about that. You are getting that message because this game hasn’t been added to abgx’s database yet. As soon as it is added your entire log will be green.
Please note that if a game’s SS & DMI files are valid, it has been patched with the topology data and if there is no CrC corruption then that ISO is safe to play.

Q: What software should i use to burn XGD2 games?

Ans: IMGburn and CloneCD both work with XGD3 games, i personally recommend ImgBurn.

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